Porsline Privacy Policy

User privacy is of utmost importance for Porsline (us, service, and service provider). In the following section, we discuss the information we collect from users and why; and how users can verify how we utilize this information.

  1. To use the service, you create a username, email, and password. We use your provided email. First, we send you an activation email to ensure the validity of the address and that it was you who provided it. Second, we gradually send you information regarding the service to ensure your familiarity with the service, its new features, and its operation, as well as help you accomplish your goals in using Porsline.
  2. We receive information including, but not limited to, your full name and address while upgrading the membership and payment process. In case of problems in the payment process, we will contact you using this information to provide you with assistance.
  3. You can change or update your information in your user profile. We will not disclose this information to any third party and will not use them for commercial purposes other than above.
  4. The information provided by respondents to your studies and surveys are your property, and we will not disclose them to any third party.
  5. The information you share with us for support services will be kept confidential.
  6. When necessary to access your information for support services, we will ask for your permission and take further action with your approval. In such a case, we will not tamper with your data and information unless it is required for solving a problem faced and reported by you.
  7. We use certain technologies to evaluate user visit count to different sections of Porsline website. The said information is stored as statistics by such technologies.
  8. If we are required by judicial or legal authorities to disclose information, we will abide by the law. In such a case, we will notify you of the request if there are no legal prohibitions.
  9. We will do our best to keep your information secure. Porsline uses SSL encryption protocol on the website and backup versions.
  10. If you delete your information, it will also be immediately deleted from our servers without any means of recovering them.
  11. We collect general user information accessible by all websites such as the IP, browser type, operating system, login and logout time, and page resolution to verify your identity.
  12. We collect general respondent information accessible by all websites such as the IP, browser type, operating system, login and logout time, and page resolution. We submit this information to you via the report section.
  13. When using social network links for submissions, the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service of those service providers will govern your activities, and we are not involved in such cases.
  14. Our policy may change over time. In such a case, we will explicitly inform the changes via Porsline website.
  15. Please contact us for questions on our Privacy Policy.