Why we started Porsline?

We started Porsline to make researching and doing surveys easier, faster and cheaper for organizations and companies. Porsline is a solution for these problems: "I'm not sure if the new product is needed in the market! I don't understand why our recent campaign was not successful! Why customers choose other products while our prices are lower! We don't have any information about our customer needs! Why customers are leaving our brand! I don't know how to motivate my employees effectively! It is unclear why the staff quit! Great idea, but I don't know how to start! "

We believe that with Porsline, managers, entrepreneurs, and students can do sophisticated research and complicated surveys from the beginning until they get the results and analyze them in a much cheaper and faster way. Fill the gaps between the raw data and the right decision with Porsline.

More about us

We are an energetic team with software engineering and B2B marketing stack trying to propose creative online software solutions for companies and organizations since 2016. Our purpose is to solve the problems we experienced in our previous jobs since we think lots of organizations face them every day.

Porsline, being privately held and available in 4 languages, has helped more than 2000 companies (mainly in the Middle East) to make their employees and customers happier and decrease the costs of product development and market research.

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